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Formal Education

  • We help school going vulnerable Children with scholastic materials for them to continue
    with education
  • We give out bursaries on a small scale to learners for them to continue with education
  • Guide and counsel school going vulnerable Children
  • Carry out Vocational training for trainees to get formal certificates

Informal Education

This is aimed at equipping the trainees with lifelong skills for self reliance.
We currently carry out;
– Carpentry training
– Computer training


The following courses will be incorporated very soon:

  • Hair dressing
  • Tailoring
  • Knitting
  • Driving &Mechanics,
  • Metal works(Welding)
  • Electronic gadgets repair.
  • Catering and Hotel management
  • Building construction & concrete practice
  • Baking

Sports Promotion

We support Boda-Boda Football & Netball teams. We give them Uniforms, Balls, fund
their travels during matches. We plan to start promoting talented young players to the
regional, national, and international clubs for them to earn a living.

Human Rights Advocacy Campaigns

We advocate for the rights of the vulnerable people and other marginalized people in our communities. We carry out education on the rights of Women, Rights of the minority groups, Children rights. Education on domestic violence is also carried out under this theme.

Environmental Conservation

We carry out tree planting on the Trans-African High way to curb down the carbon
dioxide produced by the auto-machines that would lead to global warming. 5000 trees
have so far been planted.

Environmental conservation education projects are also carried out to alert the
community people about issues concerning environmental conservation.

Promote Entrepreneurship Skills among the Youth

  • Under this, we carry out/plan to carry out the following;
    Equipping the community people with business skills. Under this we equip the people
    with these skills;

     Choosing a viable business
     Product marketing
     Business partnership
     Financial planning and management
     Record keeping
     Customer care
     Loan acquisition and management
     Changing from one business to another
     Operating multiple businesses
     Advertisement
     Profit , loss analysis

Agriculture Promotion

Under this, we carry out/plan to carry out the following;

  • School gardening projects that aim to teach learners how to grow their own food
    for consumption while at school ,and school based income generation
  • Supply of planting materials to schools

Health Promotion

  • We carry out Health Education projects. For example,
    We carried out sensitization about COVID 19 Virus pandemic. The Virus spread and
    contraction avoidance mechanisms were all communicated to the people.
  • We educate about HIV/AIDS spread and contraction avoidance methods.
  • We plan to extend our health programs to other education institutions by;
    • Educating the learners why and how to maintain personal hygiene
    • Construction of girls wash/change rooms

Festival Celebrations

We celebrate the festival seasons with the needy community people especially the children. We buy food stuffs and drinks for them. This causes a smiling face to the beneficiaries. We do this during Easter and Christmas Celebrations.